In a cooperative effort with the Franklin County Board of Education and Southeastern Anthropological Institute, Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research is conducting ongoing fieldwork with high school student participants at the Morrow site (1Fr703) in Franklin County, Alabama. The project is sponsored by Johnny Mack Morrow of the Alabama House of Representatives with support from the Bear Creek Development Authority. The site is deeply stratified and located on the alluvial plain of Bear Creek. Excavations of upper strata have yielded Alexander ceramics and Flint Creek projectile points, while an underlying stratum has produced numerous Benton projectile points.

Morrow Site Gallery

Map showing the locations of shovel tests and excavation units in respect to the surrounding landscape.

Photograph depicting a stratified excavation unit profile. The upper dark stratum produced Early Woodland Alexander ceramics, while the lower dark layer yielded late Middle Archaic Benton projectile points.

Hunter Johnson talking to student participants, Tommy Morrow, and Johnny Mack Morrow.

Hafted bifaces recovered from the late Middle Archaic component.

Student participants with TVAR workers.

Student participants assist in screening for artifacts.

Field operations at the Morrow Site.

Student participants and TVAR workers screening for artifacts.